About Our Front Garden

We were taken by surprise at the level of interest in the dig-over and redesign of our front garden in Parkway, Welwyn Garden City in 2009.*

Our garden logo 1

We live on a busy pedestrian way into the centre of town with vehicles parking for two hour stays throughout the week. When we were working in the garden passersby would stop to ask about the plants, their names, where to buy them, how to look after them. Some even asked if they could take pictures. Many remarked on how colourful the garden was, that it resembled a cottage garden, many were particularly interested in the dahlias.

Interest increased in 2010 and we decided to create this website as a record of the garden’s progress and a source of reference for those wanting more information. We also added a small sign on one of the posts giving the website address.

We have added a section giving details of the plants we used, The photo gallery is  being updated.

Our Front Garden Logo 2

This website is published by Pintail Media that publishes In Balance Magazine

* WE HAVE RELOCATED TO CUMBRIA – In Balance Magazine will publish gardening features regularly Do get in touch if you are a gardening enthusiast – we’d love to hear from you

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