Scented Climbing Rose

William and Catherine, David Austin Rose 2011

William and Catherine, David Austin Rose 2011

David Austin’s english roses are the epitome of an english country garden, a gardening style so many strive for. David Austin’s roses fit in most places and we have planted a scented climbing rose by our front door.

It took us ages to make our choice from the 800 available. We chose the climber Malvern Hills, a small double flower, yellow to cream that should go well with the orange bricks.

It is important to erect a sturdy trellis if you are training your rose up a wall, with space behind it to allow for tying in.

Austin roses are ideal for flower arrangements, luscious and wonderful pastel colours, they really are reminiscent of the old Dutch Masters’ paintings. And the scent! You can choose from wonderfully rich fragrances.

The English Roses written by David Austin contains chapters on each of the major rose sections with full description of each variety and additional chapters on using roses in the garden and their cultivation. Illustrated with lots of colour photographs that show individual varieties and roses in garden situations. This really is an excellent book designed for both enthusiast and beginners.

Details of a Gift Pack, gift vouchers and all about their roses are on

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